Autosmart - GRP showroom with alloy side-skirts

About this project...

“I bought my first vehicle from Drumack Coachworks over five years ago and I had no hesitation in using them again for this fantastic body!  I am absolutely delighted with the high quality finish to the body work.  The interior of the body has been kitted out to provide a superb display area for my Autosmart products, which is an ideal situation for both my customers and myself – customers can easily view the whole range of products and I have noticed an increase in sales as a result!”


Stephen Pollard
Independent Authorised Distributor

Stephen Pollard                                             

Body Length:                                                                                                                        
7 metres


Specification of Auto Smart Deluxe Showroom:


GRP Body construction
Fibreglass roof
Double narrow doors.
Recessed stepwell.
Stainless steel hinges and locking bars.
Hardwearing, chemical resistant floor.
Alloy profiled side skirts.
Interior recessed fluorescent lighting.
Interior spotlights.
Two extraction/intake roof fans. 
300Kg interior mounted crane for off-loading barrels.
Stainless steel side mounted reversing lights.
Reversing sensors.


Optional Features on body:


Paint body.
Paint deflector.